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January 19, 2017

1.0 MEETING CALLED TO ORDER –- The regular meeting of the San Lorenzo Village Homes Association Board of Directors was held on Thursday, January 19, 2017. President Clowser called the meeting to order at 7:34 p.m.

1.1 SALUTE TO THE FLAG -– President Clowser led the audience in the pledge of allegiance.

1.2 ROLL CALL -– Directors Michelle Clowser, Diane Wydler, Steve Kirk, and Kathie Ready, Kyle Carlson had said he would be late (Carlson showed up at 8:10 p.m.).

2.0 PUBLIC COMMENT Items not on the Agenda -– A member reported on the events at the San Lorenzo Library for the month of February. This included a new program called “STime” which is for children in 3rd to 5th grade and teaches them how to program a computer to tell stories or make music. It starts on February 14th and is held from 4 to 6 p.m. The Library is also asking for local writers to submit poetry, creative non-fiction, and fiction to the library, it will select pieces to be read at the library on March 12th from 2-4 p.m. All writing must be submitted no later than February 1, 2017.

A member reported about an organization that is helping empower families in San Lorenzo and San Leandro. It is called the “Community Impact Lab” and helps families and parents in need as well as supports parents and children through family gatherings and social events. She invited members to go to the website at for more information. They are looking to partner with other groups that are hosting community events. A member said that he is looking forward to the New Year and the work being done by the Alameda County Arts Commission for the Identity Murals on I-80. A member said he is concerned with the pot holes on Grant and Hesperian and asked for assistance in contacting the agency responsible for working on the roads. Several members were concerned with the PG&E Park on Washington and Grant. They noted that several trees have died and the vegetation is not being maintained. The Board directed Staff to work with Supervisor Chan’s office to find out what is being done to maintain this park and the status of the mesh fencing around the piping at this park.

*5.1 CHP (7:40 p.m.) -– Deputy Bauer reported that the CHP continues to work in areas of concern in San Lorenzo including around Arroyo High School and the overpass on Paseo Grande. He said that residents can contact their office for free car seat installation. President Clowser asked if the CHP could address the “side shows” being done in and around her neighborhood on the weekends. Deputy Bauer said that residents can contact 911 about any complaints on the weekends and after hours and his department will handle these complaints.

**7.1 The Arbor At Hesperian, Mariben Terzich, Property Manager, Mercy Housing (Update) (Timed Agenda – 7:45 p.m.) -– Terzich introduced herself and gave a brief update on the Mercy Housing Project. She said that Mercy Housing was fully occupied and that 35 % of the residents live or work in San Lorenzo. (Director Carlson arrived during this time at 8:10 p.m.).

The Board and several members were concerned about parking and how it was affecting the surrounding Lucky Supermarket shopping area. A member also asked whether there was a smoking policy for residents. Terzich said there is a no-smoking policy for the units and smoking is prohibited within 20 feet of the building. There are 46 total parking spaces for the residents with three (3) reserved for employees and the rest for residents. A lottery is done every two (2) years for this parking, and all of the 72 units have the opportunity to get one of the spaces at this time. All spaces are assigned to specific residents/employees and are located at the back of the property. There is some visitor parking in the front of the property, separate from residents and employees. Terzich said that Amy Baley, Mercy Housing’s Vice President of Community Planning, would be present at a future Association meeting to address any other concerns, and was currently on vacation. The Board thanked Terzich for attending the meeting and providing the update on the Arbor at Hesperian.

***7.2 What is a Municipal Advisory Council (MAC), Nestor Castillo (Timed Agenda Item- 8:00 p.m.) -- Both Nestor Castillo and member Keith Barros gave a brief history/overview of what a MAC is and how it functions in the community (ies) it represents. The Eden Area Livability Initiative (EALI) identified several key issues that community members wanted to address in the unincorporated areas. County “governance” and a MAC was one of these key issues. Currently the San Lorenzo, Ashland and Cherryland communities do not have representation the way members from a city with a mayor, or Castro Valley -- with its own MAC -- have representation. There is one (1) County Supervisor for each of these areas, who represent not just that unincorporated area, but other areas and cities as well. Castillo stated that having an Eden Area MAC would give a ‘voice’ to the residents in these areas and allow a forum to have their grievances heard. It was pointed out that the Association often acts on behalf of its members to relate issues they may or may not have jurisdiction over. This proposed Eden Area MAC would be made up of two (2) members from each jurisdiction (Ashland, Cherryland and San Lorenzo) that would either be appointed by their County Supervisor or elected by that area. This idea is in its beginning stages and Castillo and Barros will continue to get community input from all these jurisdictions to see if there is support for this type of governance.

Director Ready was concerned that Supervisor Miley would have 2/3rds representation on this MAC with most of Ashland and Cherryland being in his district. She was not convinced that San Lorenzo residents wanted a MAC. Karina Rivera, from Supervisor Chan’s office, said that the Supervisor was developing a survey to see if the majority of the community wants this MAC. They are looking at a mailing as well as an on-line survey. Rivera said that the Supervisor is neutral about this issue, but if the community wants a MAC, she would support it. Director Kirk said that a MAC would help the Association by taking some of the issues of governance from its plate, and allow it to better handle Association problems.

Some members thought having a MAC for the area would be a good idea. Other members were concerned that this MAC would not represent the San Lorenzo area alone, but would include issues that are related to Ashland and Cherryland, and would not adequately concentrate on San Lorenzo’s needs. One member asked how we can get someone to volunteer on this MAC, when it is difficult to get anyone to run as a candidate for the Association Board. There were questions on what services the MAC would offer versus what is currently offered by the Association and other agencies. Several members asked how the public could respond to a survey when they had no knowledge of what a MAC is. It was suggested that a written print out be given to residents, prior to this survey, describing the pros and cons of a MAC, its legality, any costs to the taxpayers, and other ways it would impact the community.

Barros noted that part of the problem with the lack of participation/candidates to run for the Association Board is because members do not have a positive feeling for what the Association does. A MAC would make them directly involved with the governance of the area and allow a different forum to address issues, and may be more appealing to residents. Castillo said that San Lorenzo residents would be surprised about how similar their issues are with that of their unincorporated neighbors in Ashland and Cherryland. A non-member felt if an Eden Area MAC is developed there should be more than two (2) members from each area, and that these members should be elected not appointed.

Castillo and Barros thanked the Board for the opportunity to bring this item to the community and invited interested residents to attend their next public meeting at the Ashland Community Center on Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. Castillo also said that interested residents can find out more information on their Facebook page “Our MAC” or go to the website:


3.1 Approval of Board Meeting Minutes # 1499 on December 15, 2016 -– Director Kirk moves to approve, Director Wydler seconds, the motion carries with four (4) ayes (Carlson, Clowser, Kirk, Wydler) , and one (1) abstention, ( Ready).

3.2 Approval of Work Session Meeting Minutes #1500 on January 12, 2017 -– Director Kirk was concerned about the $5000 payment from Mercy Housing to the Association that has not been received, and was due once all the units were occupied. The Administrator said that Amy Baley, Vice President of Community Planning for Mercy Housing, was sent several emails about this issue, but has been on vacation. She assured the Administrator that she would meet with him to discuss this issue and schedule a date and time when she returns. Director Kirk corrected some minor typographical errors in the minutes. Director Ready moves to approve the minutes with the corrections, Director Wydler seconds, the motion carries with four (4) ayes, (Carlson, Clowser, Ready, Kirk) and one (1) abstention (Kirk).


4.1 Community Event Committee –- Director Wydler announced that the Association has partnered with the San Lorenzo Library for a Lunar New Year Celebration on Saturday, February 11, 2017 at the Library from 10:0 a.m. to 1 p.m. There will be light refreshments and children’s crafts starting at 10:30 a.m. and the Lion Dancers will perform at 11 a.m.

4.2 Ad Hoc CC&R Implementation Committee –- No meeting, no report.


*5.1 CHP (7:40 p.m.) –- See timed agenda item above.

5.2 Sheriff’s Office –- Deputy Swalwell reported that there were no recent outstanding crime statistics to report in San Lorenzo. In December 2016, the Sheriffs targeted the BART area near Bay Fair and were successful in making several arrests and suppressing criminal activity in that area. They also did a toy drive and were able to give away over 150 gifts to children in need for the holidays. Several members requested patrol in the areas of Via Lucas, Via Amigos, and Via Toyon, where motorized skateboards are being used in the street during all hours of the day. A member asked that traffic patrols be done on Channel leading to Bockman, he has seen motorists speed in this area on a regular basis.

5.3 Supervisor Wilma Chan –- District Representative, Karina Rivera, reported that Supervisor Chan had her annual Holiday Celebration in conjunction with her Annual County Update. It was very well attended and they received a lot of positive input. They also did a Toy Drive with this Holiday Celebration and gave the donations to the Lorenzo Manor Head Start Program for distribution. The Supervisor’s office will be starting its annual Free Tax Preparation Program on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays in the San Lorenzo Office. They will also be participating in the upcoming Lorenzo Theater Tours/Free Movie Night/Business Expo on May 6, 2017. The movie “Finding Dory” will be shown at dusk.

Rivera said that the Hesperian Streetscape Project has been delayed due to PG&E and the undergrounding. The County is now set to choose a contractor for the project and should have this selection done to start the work by May 2017. Several members voiced concerns about the condition of Hesperian and Grant Avenue with all the potholes and asked that the County patch these holes.

5.4 Zoning Enforcement –- Alameda County Zoning Administrator, Rodrigo Orduna, and Zoning Enforcement Officer, Yvonne Grundy, introduced themselves and reported on the past month’s violations with the county in the San Lorenzo area. The Board thanked Orduna and Grundy for their work in San Lorenzo.

A member asked what could be done about the “San Lorenzo Village” sign in front of the old Kavanaugh’s building and how it could be preserved for the community. Orduna said that the owner had already applied for a demolition permit, which was approved, for both the old Kavanaugh’s building and the San Lorenzo “Village” sign. He was told that the Association had been informed of the permit. The Administrator said that neither the Board nor Staff had been informed of this demolition. Many members said that they wanted to preserve this sign because of its historical significance to the community. The Board directed the Administrator to write a letter to the owner and copy it to the County Supervisor and other appropriate county agencies regarding the community’s desire to retain the sign and the fact that the Association was not informed of either the sign or the building’s demolition.

6.0 FINANCIAL REPORT (motion required)

6.1 Approval of December 2016 Expenditures –- Director Wydler moves to approve, Director Ready seconds, the motion carries unanimously.

6.2 Approval of Bank Reconciliations, 4th Quarter 2016 -- Director Wydler states that she had reviewed the bank reconciliations for the 4th Quarter of 2016 and made a motion to approve, Director Kirk seconds, the motion carries unanimously.

7.0 OTHER BUSINESS (motions may be required)

**7.1 The Arbor At Hesperian, Mariben Terzich, Property Manager, Mercy Housing (Update) (Timed Agenda – 7:45 p.m.) -– See timed agenda item above.

***7.2 What is a Municipal Advisory Council (MAC), Nestor Castillo (Timed Agenda Item 8:00 p.m.) -– See timed agenda item above.


8.1 Operations –- The Administrator reported that he has contacted the company who will do the Association’s Reserve Study and they will be on site tomorrow. The HVAC did not pass county inspection, so the Administrator has asked the company to fix the issues prior to the county’s re-inspection on January 27, 2017. There is one (1) seat still available on the Board and two (2) people who are interested, the Board will be interviewing these two candidates and make a decision prior to the February 16, 2017, Board meeting. The Association has partnered with the San Lorenzo Library for this year’s Lunar New Year celebration that will be held on Saturday, February 11, 2017 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Staff found a minor leak in the kitchen area and made some temporary repairs, a roofer is scheduled to inspect this roof tomorrow.

9.0 LIENS AND VIOLATIONS REPORT (motion may be required) -– The Administrator stated that there were no liens released since the December 2016 Board meeting. The violation letters were as follows:

December 2016 Violation Report

  Violation                              No. of Letters

Inoperable Vehicles in driveway               3
Recreational veh in front/side yard           5
General maintenance of property               0
Unpaved parking                              10                   
Yard maintenance                             55
Holiday lights                                0
Building maintenance                          0
Working on vehicles                           2
Barking dogs                                  0
Prohibited animals                            0
Excessive noise                               2
No home business                              0
Other                                        23
Multiple violations                          10
Plans needed                                 10

Total                                       120

Director Kirk moves to approve the liens and violation report, Director Carlson seconds, the motion carries unanimously.


10.1 Disposition of Executive Session #1501 on January 19, 2017 –- The Administrator reported there were 27 hearings and two (2) fine reviews. Two (2) homeowners appeared. Of these, 12 were closed; five (5) were closed but opened for other violations at the properties; three (3) were fined; four (4) were “thank-you-but” please fix small issues at the property and/or submit plans; and three (3) were given 30 days to remove items that were in violation and/or submit plans for landscaping.

10.2 Approval of Minutes of Executive Session #1501 on January 19, 2017 –- Director Ready moves, to approve, Director Wydler seconds, the motion carries unanimously.

11.0 BOARD REPORTS -– Director Wydler reminded the members present, of the Annual Membership Meeting on February 16, 2017 at 7:15 p.m., prior to the regular Board of Director’s meeting.

12.0 ADJOURNMENT -– President Clowser adjourned the meeting at 10:55 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Diane Wydler

Recorded and Transcribed by: Kathleen Harrigan
Reviewed by: Eugene Osipov, Administrator